GBC® Parallax Radial UTV / SxS Tire ⎮10-Ply

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Small color logo of GBC Parallax SxS performance tire.The new GBC Parallax tire model boasts an advanced tread design, featuring deep sipes at the center tread for exceptional flex and grip during off-road exploration. The design also includes broad shoulder lugs for improved traction in narrow spaces, and stone ejectors between each lug to prevent debris build-up. With an extended sidewall design for protection against damage and punctures, the Parallax opens up new possibilities for your SXS. Upgrade to the Parallax Radial Tire now to change your opinion of where an off-road tire can take you!
  • Lightweight 10-Ply Radial construction for enhanced durability
  • Reinforced sidewall for greater puncture resistance
  • Tread designed for all types of terrain
  • Non-directional tread pattern gives you excellent responsiveness in any direction

Who is GBC? GBC is Greenball Tire, a long-time LEADER in race high performance tires for the Side by Side and performance industry! Find out more about Greenball Tires (GBC)

Please Note: Tire only, Wheel Not Included!

GBC Parallax SxS and UTV tire in action collage.


  • Real world feedback and development for race proven performance
  • Load Range E to make sure you have the capacity you need
  • 2 Year Warranty DetailsOne of the best warranties in the industry
  • 10-Ply Radial construction for premium high speed performance and rugged quality
  • Stone ejectors integrated in tread and shoulder design to protect against debris build up in order to provide a smooth and consistent ride
  • 20/32" tread depth provides lateral stability, responsive steering, and impressive grip on a variety of terrain
  • Maximized grip and traction on tire shoulder, where its needed the most!
All Parallax Specifications
AE143010PX 30x10.00R14 10 LRE 19.6 30 9.5 7 37.1 20 935 $265.24
AE143110PX 31x10.00R14 10 LRE 19.6 30.98 9.57 7 39.8 20 935 $281.26
AE153110PX 31x10.00R15 10 LRE 19.6 31.00 9.4 6-8 39.8 20 990 $296.16
AE153210PX 32x10.00R15 10 LRE 19.6 32 9.4 6-8 41.1 20 1050 $301.66
AE153310PX 33x10.00R15 10 LRE 19.6 33 9.4 6-8 44.1 20 1140 $331.12
AE153510PX 35x10.00R15 10 LRE 20.0 35 10 6-8 51.7 20 1235 $420.22
AE153010PX 30X10.00-15 10 LRE 19.8 30.1 9.4 6-8 38.2 20 910 $288.12
AE142910PX 29X10.00R14 10 LRE 19.8 29.1 9.2 6-8 36.0 20 880 $281.62
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GBC Powersports Tires is an American family-owned company that has been providing outstanding service and quality since 1976. Their founding principle was a simple concept- they wanted to provide durable and high-performing off-road tires at an affordable price. GBC manufactures their tires to be able to handle all riding conditions- from your simple local trail to your most challenging off-road course, all while keeping some of your hard earned money in your pocket.

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