GBC® Kanati Terra Master SQ Radial UTV / SxS Tire ⎮10-Ply

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GBC Terra Master SQ small color logo.This GBC Terra Master SQ (Square Shoulder Design) Radial side-by-side tire is a bold redesign of the industry-leading Terra Master. An advanced square shoulder design provides a robust new profile, differentiating itself from the original model. A full tread block with non-stepped lugs replace the original stepped design and provide a facelift as well as increased lifespan. Another change was a switch to nylon 10-ply construction which lightens the Terra Master SQ from the original steel belted option.

With two distinct tread patterns, you can alternate sides for optimal traction in hard or soft-to-intermediate terrains thanks to the asymmetrical tread design. Additionally, the Terra Master's profile is engineered for strong straight-line traction while its side bite allows for enhanced cornering control. The lightweight, nylon-belted carcass offers durability and improved wear without adding extra weight.
  • Asymmetrical tread pattern for dual tire benefits and performance characteristics
  • Lightweight 10-Ply Radial construction for enhanced durability
  • Reinforced sidewall for greater puncture resistance
  • Tread designed for all types of terrain
  • Non-directional tread pattern gives you excellent responsiveness in any direction

Who is GBC? GBC is Greenball Tire, a long-time LEADER in race high performance tires for the Side by Side and performance industry! Find out more about Greenball Tires (GBC)

Please Note: Tire only, Wheel Not Included!

GBC race inspired Terra Master steel belted radial utv and sxs tires installed on competition side by sides.


  • Real world feedback and development for race proven performance
  • Load Range E to make sure you have the capacity you need
  • Asymmetrical dual tread design - Mount them how you need them
  • 2 Year Warranty DetailsOne of the best warranties in the industry
  • 10-Ply Radial construction for premium high speed performance and rugged quality
  • Self-cleaning tread and shoulder design to prevent mud, rock, and snow build-up and provide a smooth and consistent ride
  • 16/32" tread depth provides lateral stability, responsive steering, and impressive grip on a variety of terrain
  • Maximized grip and traction on tire shoulder, where its needed the most!
All Terra Master SQ Specifications
AE143010TMSQ 30X10.00R14 10 LRE 15.7 30.1 9.7 6-8 35.2 20/35 935/1310 $266.46
AE143210TMSQ 32x10.00R14 10 LRE 15.7 31.8 9.7 6-8 40.6 20 1070 $298.72
AE153210TMSQ 32x10.00R15 10 LRE 15.7 31.9 9.5 6-8 39.5 20 1050 $298.02
AE153310TMSQ 33x10.00R15 10 LRE 15.5 32.8 9.6 6-8 42.3 20 1140 $330.48
AE153510TMSQ 35x10.00R15 10 LRE 16.6 35 9.8 6-8 47.0 20/25 1235/1435 $368.86
AE173510TMSQ 35x10.00R17 10 LRE 15.7 34.6 9.9 6-8 48.9 20 1215 $408.96
AE173710TMSQ 37X10.00R17 10 LRE 15.7 37.2 10.1 6-8 54.7 20 1360 $464.92
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GBC Powersports Tires is an American family-owned company that has been providing outstanding service and quality since 1976. Their founding principle was a simple concept- they wanted to provide durable and high-performing off-road tires at an affordable price. GBC manufactures their tires to be able to handle all riding conditions- from your simple local trail to your most challenging off-road course, all while keeping some of your hard earned money in your pocket.

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