Kenda Loadstar K550 Bias Trailer Tire and 15" MOD Steel Trailer Wheel Combo

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The Kenda Loadstar K550 tire is a top-tier choice for trailer owners seeking enhanced stability and decreased rolling resistance. Paired with Kenda’s MOD steel trailer wheel, this combination provides a quick and easy swap out for your old trailer tires and wheels. Whether you are just purchasing a single combo for emergencies or a complete set for a total upgrade, this package is designed to deliver outstanding performance and reliability.

Kenda Loadstar K550 Features

  • Enhanced Driving Experience: The Loadstar tire is crafted using advanced rubber compounds and a bias-ply construction, which significantly lowers fuel consumption commonly associated with trailer tires, ultimately offering long-term cost savings.
  • Superior Load Handling: Thanks to its bias-ply construction, the Kenda K550 is capable of bearing substantial loads, making it an excellent choice for trailers used in construction, agriculture, and industrial applications.
  • Safety Compliance: Every Kenda tire is subjected to stringent testing to ensure it surpasses all safety regulations mandated by the US Department of Transportation, providing peace of mind on every journey.

Kenda MOD Trailer Wheel Features

  • Manufactured For The Long Haul: Constructed using cutting-edge technology such as automated roll-forming, stamping, welding, and robotic assembly, Kenda wheels are engineered to meet or exceed industry benchmarks for strength and durability.
  • Resilient Finish: Kenda wheels undergo a meticulous process, beginning with a thorough cleaning and rinsing to eliminate impurities. This is followed by an e-coat process, where wheels are submerged in electrically charged paint, and a multi-step powder coating procedure. The result is a wheel with a superior finish and excellent resistance to corrosion.

Ideal Tire Applications

  • Construction Trailers: When you've got a job to do, the last thing you need to worry about is your trailer's tires. These tires can handle the heavy loads and abuse that accompany life on the job site.
  • Agricultural Trailers: Whether it is animals or tools, this K550 tire and wheel combo will get you and your cargo where you need to be.
  • Utility Trailers: Experience smooth towing for daily tasks, with the confidence that your valuables are well-protected during transport.
  • Boat Trailers: Focus on your time on the water, knowing that your tires are will get you safely to and from your destination.

Tire Sizes Available:

  • 205/75D15 (Load Range C / 6-Ply)
  • 225/75D15 (Load Range D / 8-Ply)
15" Kenda Loadstar K550 Tire Specifications
Kenda Americana Part# Tire Size Load Range/Ply-Rating Rim Size (Inches) Overall Diameter (Inches) Section Width (Inches) Max Load (Lbs.) PSI Speed Rating Tire Construction
1ST92 ST205/75D15 Load Range C / 6-Ply 15x5.5 27.4 7.8 1820 50 M (81mph) Bias
1ST96 ST225/75D15 Load Range D / 8-Ply 15x6 28.1 8.6 2540 65 M (81mph) Bias
Kenda MOD Steel Trailer Wheel Specifications
Size Bolt Pattern Rim Diameter Rim Width Pilot Offset Load Capacity Part # (White) Part # (White w/ Stripes) Part # (Galvanized) Part # (Chrome) Part # (Silver) Part # (Black)
15"x5" 5-4.5 15 inches 5 inches 3.19 0 2200 lbs. 20443 20442 20444 20441 20436 20440
15"x5" 5-5.0 15 inches 5 inches 3.19 0 2200 lbs. 20439 20446 Unavailable Unavailable 20427 20438
15"x6" 5-4.5 15 inches 6 inches 3.19 0 2200 lbs. 20551 20543 20544 20557 20537 20545
15"x6" 6-5.5 15 inches 6 inches 4.27 0 2860 lbs. 20552 20553 20554 20558 20539 20560
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