Kenda Loadstar K550 Bias Trailer Tire and 13" MOD Steel Trailer Wheel Combo

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One of the most popular trailer tires out on the market, the Kenda Loadstar K550 tire takes your towing to new levels with increased stability and and low rolling resistance. We've paired it with Kenda's MOD steel trailer wheel for super quick and so you can quickly and easily replace your old tires and wheels. Whether you are buying a single combo in case of a flat or a whole set to replace your existing tires and rims, this wheel and tire package won't disappoint.

Kenda Loadstar K550 Features:

  • Easy driving: Manufactured with an advanced rubber compound and bias-ply construction this Loadstar tire is built to offset some of the increases in fuel consumption typically seen with these types of tires. This helps keep some of your hard earned money where it belongs- your pocket.
  • Heavy load capabilities: The bias-ply construction of the Kenda K550 also allows the tire to withstand the pressure of heavier loads. This makes this tire ideal for construction, agricultural, and industrial haulers.
  • Peace of mind: Every single one of Kenda's tires is tested to ensure it surpasses all of the safety requirements set by the US Department of Transportation.

Kenda MOD Trailer Wheel Features:

  • Strength and durability: With processes that included automated roll-forming lines, stamping operations, welding cells, and robot assisted assembly, Kenda wheels are manufactured with the latest equipment and technology to ensure a product that meets or exceeds industry standards.
  • Long-lasting finish: After a comprehensive cleaning and rinsing to remove all impurities, Kenda wheels are covered in an e-coat process that includes completely soaking the wheels in an electrically charged paint. This is followed up by a multi-step powder coating process that produces a wheel with an advanced appearance and unparalleled protection against corrosion.

Ideal Tire Use:

  • Local Use: Perfect for trailers that primarily operate within local areas and avoid extensive highway travel.
  • Construction Trailers: Easily maneuver job sites with confidence, knowing your tires are built to withstand rough terrain.
  • Agricultural Trailers: Deliver reliable performance from the field to the market.
  • Utility Trailers: Ensure your valuables are securely transported with smooth towing for daily tasks.
13" Kenda Loadstar K550 Tire Specifications
Kenda Americana Part# Tire Size Load Range/Ply-Rating Rim Size (Inches) Overall Diameter (Inches) Section Width (Inches) Max Load (Lbs.) PSI
1ST76 ST175/80D13 Load Range C / 6-Ply 13x4 24.0 6.6 1360 50
1ST79 ST185/80D13 Load Range D / 8-Ply 13x5 24.4 7.2 1710 65
Kenda MOD Steel Trailer Wheel Specifications

13"x4.5"" with 4-4.0 Bolt Pattern

  • Rim Diameter: 13 inches
  • Rim Width: 4.5 inches
  • Bolt Pattern: 4-4.0 (4-lug on 4.0" bolt circle)
  • Pilot: 2.65
  • Offset: 0
  • Load Capacity: 1660 lbs.
  • Kenda Americana Part # (White): 20250
  • Kenda Americana Part # (White w/ Stripes): 20236
  • Kenda Americana Part # (Galvanized): 20246
  • Kenda Americana Part # (Chrome): Unavailable
  • Kenda Americana Part # (Silver): Unavailable
  • Kenda Americana Part # (Black): 20242

13"x4.5"" with 5-4.5 Bolt Pattern

  • Rim Diameter: 13 inches
  • Rim Width: 4.5 inches
  • Bolt Pattern: 5-4.5 (5-lug on 4.5" bolt circle)
  • Pilot: 3.19
  • Offset: 0
  • Load Capacity: 1725 lbs.
  • Kenda Americana Part # (White): 20253
  • Kenda Americana Part # (White w/ Stripes): 20252
  • Kenda Americana Part # (Galvanized): 20254
  • Kenda Americana Part # (Chrome): 20249
  • Kenda Americana Part # (Silver): 20244
  • Kenda Americana Part # (Black): 20245
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