Kenda Karrier Loadstar KR35 Radial Trailer Tire

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Gone are the days of stressful towing! This Kenda KR35 Radial trailer tire has a unique tread compound designed to maximum grip and control when you need it most - in wet and cold climates.

Though you get enhanced grip and traction, the rubber compound and tire design still maintain excellent durability and minimize wear and tear. With its silica-infused tread compound, you'll experience enhanced trailer control and traction during wet and cold conditions, aided by its strategically angled sipes and pitch count that efficiently and effectively disperse water to minimize hydroplaning. If you are concerned about tread wear, rest assured, the five-rib design ensures smooth and even wear across the tread surface, contributing to longer tire life. Lastly, the KR35’s unique tread arc design ensures optimal road contact while preserving the form of the tire for a smooth and stable driving experience. When you combine all of these features you get a tire that performs extremely well in any weather condition and any surface- paved or off-road. 

Perfect for:

  • Campers- due to the tire's exceptional grip and handling in on and off-road conditions, it is the perfect companion for your camping trips. 
  • Boat trailers- perfect for wet and slimy boat ramps, this tire has ensures you can get your boat safely in and out of the water.
  • Utility/dump trailers- job sites and work locations aren't known for having well-maintained driving surfaces. By using this tires, you make sure you get the durability and the traction you need to get out of the dirt, mud, and debris.

Tire Only. Wheel Not Included.

Kenda Karrier Loadstar KR35 Features:

  • Superior cold & wet handling: In addition to decreasing rolling resistance, silica increases a tire's flexibility. This means your tire maintains it's pliability in cold temperatures and maintains consistent grip on wet surfaces. These dual benefits give you greater breaking control on wet roads and less trailer sway on snowy/cold roads. 
  • Increased fuel economy: Even with increased wet and cold performance, the chemical components of silica decrease rolling resistance leading to increased fuel efficiency.
  • Decreased wear: Lastly, silica increases a tire's tensile strength and abrasion resistance which leads to less wear and tear as your tire is "tough" enough to handle mile after mile.

Available in the following tire sizes:

  • 175/80R13
    • Load Range C / 6-ply
    • Load Range D / 8-ply
  • 185/80R13
    • Load Range D / 8-ply
    • Load Range E / 10-ply
  • 205/75R14
    • Load Range C / 6-ply
    • Load Range D / 8-ply
  • 215/75R14
    • Load Range C / 6-ply
  • 205/75R15
    • Load Range C / 6-ply
    • Load Range D / 8-ply
  • 225/75R15
    • Load Range D / 8-ply
    • Load Range E / 10-ply
  • 235/80R16
    • Load Range D / 8-ply
    • Load Range E / 10-ply
  • 235/85R16
    • Load Range E / 10-ply
Kenda Karrier Loadstar KR35 Specs

13" Rim

Kenda Americana Part # Tire Size Load Range / Ply-Rating Rim Width (Inches) Overall Diameter (Inches) Section Width (Inches) Max Load (Lbs.) PSI
10204 ST175/80R13 C / 6-Ply 13x5 24.1 6.8 1375 50
10211 ST175/80R13 D / 8-Ply 13x5 24.1 6.8 1650 70
10206 ST185/80R13 D / 8-Ply 13x5 24.6 7.2 1709 65
10209 ST185/80R13 E / 10-Ply 13x5 24.7 7.2 1925 80

14" Rim

Kenda Americana Part # Tire Size Load Range / Ply-Rating Rim Width (Inches) Overall Diameter (Inches) Section Width (Inches) Max Load (Lbs.) PSI
10223 ST205/75R14 C / 6-Ply 14x5.5 26.3 8.0 1925 60
10225 ST205/75R14 D / 8-Ply 14x5.5 26.3 7.9 2200 75
10308 ST215/75R14 C / 6-Ply 14x5.5 26.8 8.5 1870 50

15" Rim

Kenda Americana Part # Tire Size Load Range / Ply-Rating Rim Width (Inches) Overall Diameter (Inches) Section Width (Inches) Max Load (Lbs.) PSI
10237 ST205/75R15 C / 6-Ply 15x5.5 27.3 8.0 1820 50
10212 ST205/75R15 D / 8-Ply 15x5 27.3 7.9 2200 65
10253 ST225/75R15 D/ 8-Ply 15x6 28.5 8.6 2540 65
10304 ST225/75R15 E / 10-Ply 15x6 28.5 8.6 2860 50

16" Rim

Kenda Americana Part # Tire Size Load Range / Ply-Rating Rim Width (Inches) Overall Diameter (Inches) Section Width (Inches) Max Load (Lbs.) PSI
10249 ST235/80R16 D / 8-Ply 16x6.5 30.7 9.1 3000 65
10247 ST235/80R16 E / 10-Ply 16x6.5 30.7 9.2 3500 90
10502 ST235/85R16 E/ 10-Ply 16x6.5 31.6 9.3 3640 95

Benefits of Silica in Tires

Although the use of Silica in tires has been around since the 1990's, very few understand the reasoning behind the addition and what makes Silica unique. In general, the addition of Silica into tires accomplishes two things that were thought to be antithetical to each other in the tire world- increasing grip/traction while at the same time increasing fuel efficiency. Here is a breakdown of the benefits of having Silica infused tires:

  1. Improved traction in wet and wintery conditions: The addition of Silica into the rubber compound of a tire allows the tire to maintain greater flexibility at lower temperatures. By allowing the tire to maintain it's flexibility it is better able to conform to the underlying road surface which translates to better grip and traction.
  2. Increased fuel efficiency: One of the main losses of energy from a tire is when a tire "rebounds" from deformation. Silica makes tires slightly softer which means they are able to rebound to their original shape with a lot less energy. This translates into decreases rolling resistance which means your tires require less energy to maintain their speed. By reducing rolling resistance, you significantly increase your fuel efficiency.
  3. Decreased tire wear: The addition of silica into a tire increases the tire's abrasion resistance. This makes the tire more resilient to the abrasive power of road surfaces, extending the tread life.


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