Kenda® Karrier Radial Trailer Tire (KR03) and 14" MOD Sportsman Camo Trailer Wheel Combo

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Kenda® Karrier KR03 Radial Trailer Tire

Built to conquer heavy loads and long distances, the Kenda Karrier Loadstar ST radial tire is the ultimate upgrade for your trailer. Its superior radial design delivers a smoother, more comfortable towing experience by absorbing road imperfections. The meticulously engineered tread ensures exceptional traction, giving you confidence in any weather condition.  The best part is that you can rest easy knowing your trailer and cargo are safeguarded by the Karrier Loadstar ST's unwavering commitment to exceeding DOT safety and performance standards.

Accepting pre-orders. Stock expected to arrive mid-June 2024

Kenda® 14" MOD Sportsman Camo Trailer Wheel

Kenda and TrueTimber, in collaboration with Amy Siewe (Python Huntress), proudly present the new 14"x5.5" camouflage steel trailer wheel. This eye-catching wheel not only upgrades your trailer's appearance but also reflects your passion for the outdoors. The exclusive camouflage finish seamlessly blends with nature, making your trailer practically disappear in the wild.

Tire and wheel combos arrive pre-mounted and ready for installation.

Ideal For:

  • Heavy load towing. Whether you are hauling a boat, camper, or trailer, the Kenda Karrier is up to the task. It's obvious that towing puts some serious stress on your tires. Due to the Karrier's robust construction with double steel belts and full nylon plies, these tires can handle your heaviest loads.
  • Long hauls. Because of the radial construction and optimized tread pattern of the Kenda Karrier, you get the perfect blend of traction, stability, and minimized road noise. This gives you a smoother ride and makes those long trips a whole lot less tiring as your trailer works with you, not against you.

Available In The Following Tire Sizes:

  • ST205/75R14 (Load Range C / 6-Ply)
  • ST205/75R14 (Load Range D / 8-Ply)
  • ST215/75R14 (Load Range C / 6-Ply)

14" Kenda Karrier Tire Specifications

Tire Size: ST205/75R14

Load Range: C Load Range: D
Ply Rating: 6-Ply
Ply Rating: 8-Ply
Overall Diameter: 26.3 inches
Overall Diameter: 26.3 inches
Speed Rating: M (81 mph)
Speed Rating: M (81 mph)
Max Load: 1925 lbs.
Max Load: 2200 lbs.
Max PSI: 60
Max PSI: 75
Section Width: 8 inches
Section Width: 8 inches
Rim Size: 14x5.5 inches

Rim Size: 14x5.5 inches

Kenda/Americana Tire and Wheel Part #: 10234

Kenda/Americana Tire and Wheel Part #: 10235


Tire Size: ST215/75R14

Load Range: C
Ply Rating: 6-Ply
Overall Diameter: 26.8 inches
Speed Rating: M (81 mph)
Max Load: 1870 lbs.
Max PSI: 50
Section Width: 8.5 inches
Rim Size: 14x6 inches

Kenda/Americana Tire and Wheel Part #: 10229

14" Kenda Sportsman Camo Wheel Specs
  • Rim Diameter: 14 Inches
  • Rim Width: 5.5 Inches
  • Bolt Pattern: 5-4.5 (5-lug on 4.5" bolt circle)
  • Pilot: 3.19
  • Offset: 0
  • Load Capacity: 2200 Lbs.
  • Kenda Americana Part #: 27002
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