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Tired of stressful towing? Meet the Kenda Loadstar KR35 tire – your new best friend for hassle-free hauling.

This impressive tire boasts a special silica-infused tread compound that delivers exceptional grip and control, especially when the weather turns nasty. But don't worry about wearing it out quickly – the KR35 is built to last, striking the perfect balance between performance and durability.

When you're towing your camper or trailer down a rain-slicked or snow covered highway you won't even break a sweat. The KR35's clever design, with its angled sipes and optimized pitch count, quickly channels water away, keeping your trailer firmly planted on the road. And thanks to its five-rib pattern, you'll enjoy even wear across the entire tread surface, meaning your tires will keep performing mile after mile.

In addition, The KR35's unique tread arc ensures maximum road contact, giving you a smooth, stable ride that minimizes trailer sway. Now you can actually enjoy your trip instead of white-knuckling the steering wheel the whole way.

Whether you're hauling a camper to your favorite campsite, launching your boat at a slippery ramp, or navigating a muddy construction site with your utility trailer, the KR35 has got you covered. It's truly an all-weather, all-terrain champion.

Kenda KR35 Key Features:

  • Superior wet and cold weather performance: The silica-infused compound stays flexible in chilly temps and maintains excellent grip on wet surfaces. Say goodbye to white-knuckle driving on snowy or icy roads!
  • Surprisingly fuel-efficient: Despite its high-performance capabilities, the KR35 actually reduces rolling resistance, helping you save at the pump.
  • Built to last: These tires are tough as nails, ready to tackle whatever you throw at them, mile after mile.

Kenda Steel MOD Trailer Wheels:

And let's not forget about those Kenda MOD Trailer Wheels. These aren't your average wheels – they're engineered for strength and longevity using cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. From automated roll-forming to robotic assembly, every step ensures these wheels meet or exceed industry standards.

The finishing touch is a multi-step coating process that starts with a deep clean and ends with multiple layers of powder coating. The result is a wheel that not only looks great but also stands up to the elements like a champ.

So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your trailer with Kenda Loadstar KR35 tires and MOD wheels, and hit the road with confidence. Adventure awaits!

13" Kenda Karrier Loadstar KR35 Specs
  • Kenda Americana Part #: 10204
  • Tire Size: ST175/80R13
  • Load Range: C
  • Ply-Rating: 6-Ply
  • Rim Size: 13"x4.5" / 13"x5"
  • Overall Diameter: 24.1 inches
  • Section Width: 6.8 inches
  • Sidewall Height: 5.51 inches
  • Max Load: 1375 lbs.
  • PSI: 50
  • Speed Rating: M (81 mph)
  • Tire Construction: Steel Belted Radial
Kenda MOD Steel Trailer Wheel Specs
  • Wheel Size: 13"x4.5"
  • Bolt Pattern: 5-4.5 (5 lug on a 4.5" bolt circle)
  • Rim Diameter: 13 inches
  • Rim Width: 4.5 inches
  • Pilot: 3.19
  • Offset: 0
  • Load Capacity: 1725 lbs.
  • Kenda Americana Part # (White): 20253
  • Kenda Americana Part # (White w/ Stripes): 20252
  • Kenda Americana Part # (Galvanized): 20254
  • Kenda Americana Part # (Chrome): 20249
  • Kenda Americana Part # (Silver): 20244
  • Kenda Americana Part # (Black): 20245
Benefits of Silica in Tires

Although the use of Silica in tires has been around since the 1990's, very few understand the reasoning behind the addition and what makes Silica unique. In general, the addition of Silica into tires accomplishes two things that were thought to be antithetical to each other in the tire world- increasing grip/traction while at the same time increasing fuel efficiency. Here is a breakdown of the benefits of having Silica infused tires:

  1. Improved traction in wet and wintery conditions: The addition of Silica into the rubber compound of a tire allows the tire to maintain greater flexibility at lower temperatures. By allowing the tire to maintain it's flexibility it is better able to conform to the underlying road surface which translates to better grip and traction.
  2. Increased fuel efficiency: One of the main losses of energy from a tire is when a tire "rebounds" from deformation. Silica makes tires slightly softer which means they are able to rebound to their original shape with a lot less energy. This translates into decreases rolling resistance which means your tires require less energy to maintain their speed. By reducing rolling resistance, you significantly increase your fuel efficiency.
  3. Decreased tire wear: The addition of silica into a tire increases the tire's abrasion resistance. This makes the tire more resilient to the abrasive power of road surfaces, extending the tread life.
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