ITP® Tenacity XNR UTV / SxS Radial Tire

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Experience elite high performance from the 10-Ply Radial ITP® Tenacity XNR all-terrain UTV and SxS tire!

The ITP Tenacity XNR tire is designed with premier performance in mind for today's high horsepower UTV and Side-by-Side recreational applications. XNR (Xtreme Nylon Radial) tires are constructed with a non-steel belted design to reduce weight while still retaining the strength needed to hold up to the harshest environments.

te·nac·i·ty /təˈnasədē/ noun 1. the quality or fact of being able to grip something firmly; grip.

Built to excel in desert, gravel, rocky, and sandy environments, radial construction helps to soften and smooth the bumps and whoops you encounter on the trail, especially at lower speeds. ITP is a master of the high performance SxS tire game and the Tenacity XNR is no exception! Always premium construction, always dependable, and always premier performance.

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Tenacity XNR Performance

  • Continuous Cap Nylon Belt Design (CCB Design)
  • Unique Rubber Compound
  • 10-Ply Nylon Radial
  • Strong Side Bite and Traction
  • Strong and Predictable Lateral Stability
  • Predictable Steering Response and Control
  • Stepped and Staggered Shoulder Lugs
  • Engineered to Dominate Desert, Gravel, Rough, and Sandy Terrain
  • Optimized Footprint for Uniform Pressure Distribution

Tenacity XNR Tread Design

  • Staggered shoulder blocks provide consistent traction on rocky and rutted trails.
  • Unique rubber compound effectively balances traction and tread life.
  • New chain style tread pattern increases traction on loose terrain.
  • The ample void and multiple biting edges on the tread blocks provide exceptional grip in a wide variety of terrain types.
  • The 19/32-inch lug depth provides optimal handling, braking, and traction control in challenging environments.
  • The Tenacity tread design provides ample tread block contact and biting edges for the contact patch footprint.

Tenacity XNR Features/Benefits

  • 10-Ply Radial Construction
  • Compliant with DOT Test Standards
  • NHS Rated for Off-road Use
  • Reinforced Nylon Belts - Increased Traction and Extreme Puncture Resistance
  • Additional Sidewall Reinforcement - Premier Stability and Puncture Protection
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Tenacity XNR Applications

  • All-Terrain
  • Hard Pack
  • Desert
  • Intermediate
  • Soft / Loose

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Find out who ITP - Innovation • Traction • Performance - is in the Powersports Industry.

All Tenacity XNR Specifications

Standard Specifications:

6P2006 28x10.00R14 NHS 8 28.3 9.9 995 18 19 /32 35.2
6P1475 32x10.00R15 NHS or 255/85R15 10 32.5 10 1255 18 19 /32 42.9
6P13921 33x9.50R15 10 33.3 9.8 760 26 19 /32 41.1
6P13931 35x9.50R15 10 35 9.5 855 26 19 /32 51.9
6P2002 UT30x10.00R15 NHS or 255/75R15 8 30.6 10.1 1230 25 19 /32 36.7
6P2004 UT32x10.00R16 NHS 8 32.7 10.3 1390 25 19 /32 40.4

Metric Specifications:

6P2006 28x10.00R14 NHS 8 717.6 252.2 451.3 18 19 /32 16
6P1475 32x10.00R15 NHS 10 825.5 252.7 569.3 18 19 /32 19.5
6P13921 33x9.50R15 10 845.1 249.4 344.7 26 19 /32 18.7
6P13931 35x9.50R15 10 889 241.3 387.8 26 19 /32 23.5
6P2002 UT30x10.00R15 NHS 8 777.2 256.5 557.9 25 19 /32 16.7
6P2004 UT32x10.00R16 NHS 8 829.3 260.4 630.5 25 19 /32 18.3
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