Frontline® BDC UTV / SxS Radial Tire ⎮10-Ply

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Meet the all-new Frontline® BDC Side by Side extreme performance All-Terrain tire!

The super aggressive trail tread is Frontline's most versatile tire yet. The 10-ply bi-directional radial carcass offers optimum flex for a smooth ride and maximum traction. The wide contact patch provides sure footed control on the trail while the deep, multi-angle shoulder treads take charge for superior rut performance. Reinforced lower sidewalls all but eliminate pinch flats. BDC's innovative design delivers Hi-Performance Results!

  • 10-Ply Radial, Heavy Duty construction for enhanced durability
  • 3/4 to 1-1/2" tread depth for hard pack and loose terrain
  • True-to-size O.D. dimensions
  • Next Generation Rock/Trail Tread Design
  • Agressive Shoulder Lugs
  • Smooth Ride Center Traction Blocks
  • Deep rim guard integrated into tire to protect your wheel investment
  • Reinforced sidewall for greater puncture resistance
  • Non-directional tread pattern gives you excellent responsiveness in any direction

Who is Frontline? Frontline Tires may be relatively new in the industry but they have a rich LEGACY and live on the Front Line of off-roading. Find out more about Frontline Tires

Please Note: Listing is for Tire only, Wheel Not Included!

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BDC Tire Features:

  • Decades of hands on testing for race proven performance
  • Asymmetrical dual tread design - Mount them how you need them
  • 2 Year Warranty DetailsOne of the best warranties in the industry
  • 10-Ply Radial construction for high speed performance and rugged reliability
  • Deep tread depth provides extreme grip, responsive steering, and amazing grip on a variety of terrain
  • Optimal shoulder grip and traction, where its critical!
All Frontline BDC Specifications
23x9.50R14 6 23.2 in. .50 in. 15-24 795 lbs. 20.5 lbs. FLBDC2314
27x10R14 10 27.1 in. .75 in. 15-24 1,116 lbs. 35.2 lbs. FLBDC2714
28x10R14 10 28.1 in. .75 - 1.50 in. 15-24 1,185 lbs. 38.4 lbs. FLBDC2814
30x10R14 10 30.0 in. .75 - 1.50 in. 15-24 1,341 lbs. 43.0 lbs. FLBDC3014
32x10R14 10 32.0 in. .75 - 1.50 in. 15-24 1,530 lbs. 46.3 lbs. FLBDC3214
32x10R15 10 32.0 in. .75 - 1.50 in. 15-24 1,491 lbs. 47.4 lbs. FLBDC3215
33x10R15 10 33.0 in. .75 - 1.50 in. 15-24 1,599 lbs. 49.2 lbs. FLBDC3315
35x10R15 10 35.2 in. .75 - 1.50 in. 15-24 1,719 lbs. 56.2 lbs. FLBDC3515
Frontline UTV/ATV Tires Lifestyle

About Frontline Tires

Exclusive to Legacy Distributing, Frontline tires are unlike anything you've seen in the market before. With extreme tread designs and heavy duty construction, Frontline tires are designed and built to handle any terrain out there. From mud to rocks and everything in between, your off-road vehicle will be traverse it all with ease. In addition, these Frontline tires have deep rim guards to protect your wheels. In short, if you want truly off-road and all-terrain tires, you can't go wrong with Frontline.

The Ride Or Die Tire Experience