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Coming Soon! Be the first one to rock the awesome NEW MOD TrueTimber Camo Sportsman 14" Trailer Wheels by industry leader Kenda. 

Accepting pre-orders now, stock expected to arrive late-June 2024.

This Kenda 14"x5.5" steel trailer wheel features a 0-Offset with 5-lug on 4.5" bolt circle. Available in the exclusive camouflage finish, this wheel will easily elevate the look of your trailer and send a message to everyone what you're about! Take a good look at the wheel photos out in the wild, you may have trouble spotting them.... exactly.

Collaborating with the Python Huntress, Amy Siewe, and TrueTimber, Kenda Tire and Wheel is excited with the launch of this new product.

Also available in 13" and 15" sizes. Want to buy the Camo wheel paired with a new Kenda tire? No problem! We are getting new listings up every week but if you don't see what you need right now please shoot us an email or phone call and we'll be glad to get you what you need.

14" Sportsman Camo Wheel Specifications

  • Rim Diameter: 14 Inches
  • Rim Width: 5.5 Inches
  • Bolt Pattern: 5-4.5 (5-lug on 4.5" bolt circle)
  • Pilot: 3.19
  • Offset: 0
  • Load Capacity: 2200 Lbs.
  • Kenda Americana Part #: 27002
Steel trailer wheels vs Aluminum trailer wheels

Benefits of Steel Trailer Wheels

  • Cost-effective: Typically, steel wheels are less expensive than aluminum wheels.
  • Strength and Durability: Steel wheels are usually stronger than aluminum allowing them to handle heavier loads. In addition, steel wheels are often more durable than aluminum wheels and can handle years of wear and tear.

    Drawbacks of Steel Trailer Wheels

    • Rust. Unless you have galvanized steel wheels, your wheels can rust over time. This can cause issues with both the visual appeal of your wheels as well as their structural integrity.
    • Heavy. Steel wheels tend to be heavier. Depending on how you use your trailer, this can be an issue, especially because the weight of the wheels is not carried by the suspension of the trailer.

    Benefits of Aluminum Trailer Wheels

    • Naturally Rust Proof. Aluminum doesn't rust, therefore you never have to worry about corrosion eating away at your wheel.
    • Light Weight. Compared to steel trailer wheels, aluminum wheels are lighter. This increases your fuel efficiency and lightens your load.

    Drawbacks of Aluminum Trailer Wheels

    • Strength. Aluminum wheels are not as strong as steel. Although this is rarely an issue, depending on the weight of your trailer and what you use your trailer for, this could be an issue.
    • More Expensive. Aluminum trailer wheels are most often priced higher than steel wheels.
    Camo Trailer Wheel Specifications
    TrueTimber Strata
    13x4.5JJ 5-4.5 3.19 0 1725 27001
    14x5.5JJ 5-4.5 3.19 0 2200 27002
    15x5JJ 5-4.5 3.19 0 2200 27003
    15x6JJ 6-5.5 4.27 0 2860 27004
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