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Kenda performance tire small color logo.Experience great traction and quality construction with the K502 Terra Trac ATV and UTV Tire! 

You can't go wrong with the trusted design style of the Terra Trac ATV tire by Kenda. The unique and aggressive tread pattern these tires offer provides optimal performance on the toughest terrains around the farm or trail. Available in both 4-Ply and 6-Ply construction, the Terra Trac tire provides robust load ratings and dependable protection from punctures. Get ready to tackle any trail like a pro!

Choose your correct tire size from the dropdown menu and select the quantity you need for quick and accurate delivery!

PLEASE NOTE: Tire only, wheel NOT included! Double check your tire size before ordering to ensure accuracy when ordering your new tires!

Terra Trac K502 Features/Benefits:

  • Great All-Purpose Utility Design
  • Versatile Tread Pattern
  • High Load Ratings
  • Strong Puncture Resistance
  • 4-Ply or 6-Ply Bias Construction
  • 7 Sizes Available
Terra Track Specifications
16X6.50-8 4PR TL 8x5.375 15.7 6.5 620 28
20X10.00-8 4PR TL 8x7 20.2 9.6 1190 22
18X8.50-10 4PR TL 10x5.5 18.1 7.4 795 22
22X9.00-10 4PR TL 10x7 22.3 8.5 1210 22
22X10.00-10 6PR TL 10x7 22.6 9.5 1730 34
22X11.00-10 4PR TL 10x10 22.3 10.9 1475 22
22X11.00-10 6PR TL 10x10 22.2 11.4 1910 34
23X10.50-12 4PR TL 12x8.5 23.0 10.2 1340 20
25X9.00-12 4PR TL 12x7 24.7 8.8 1365 20
25X9.00-12 6PR TL 12x7 24.8 8.7 1820 32
24X12.00-12 4PR TL 12x8.5 23.7 11.3 1700 20
25X10.00-12 4PR TL 12x8 25.0 10.0 1675 24
25X11.00-12 4PR TL 12x8 24.7 10.2 1780 22
25X11.00-12 6PR TL 12x8 24.8 10.2 1984 32
26X12.00-12 4PR TL 12x8.5 25.0 11.6 1780 20
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From the road to the trails, to the racetrack and everything in between, Kenda has been leading the way with tires that are built for the perfect blend of performance and value since 1962. Renowned for their research and development, Kenda spares no expense when it comes to developing and improving their top tier tires. With tires available for a whole range of applications, Kenda is a name that has garnered respect from industry veterans across the globe.

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