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Carlisle tire small horizontal color logo.The Carlisle® All Trail II UTV / SxS 6-Ply Tire offers a perfect combination of low and wide profile and a tight tread pattern for a smooth and responsive ride on hard surface conditions. Its specially formulated compound contributes to durable tire life and reliable handling on pavement, concrete, and hard-packed soil. It's a one-stop solution for all your off-road needs - crafted in the USA for ultimate traction, stability, and long-lasting performance. Additionally, 6-Ply construction offers more ruggedness than the standard 4-Ply All Trail II model.

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  • Tightly grooved tread design for stability on hard-packed terrain
  • Low, wide profile for reduced soft wallowing chassis roll
  • Extended-wear tread compound
  • Intermediate to hard surfaces
  • 6-ply rating
10" All Trail II Specifications


  • Ply Rating: 6-Ply
  • Overall Diameter: 23.5 inches
  • Weight: 19.9 lbs
  • Max Load: 1230 lbs
  • Inflated Pressure: 34 psi
  • Tread Depth: 17/32 inch or 13.5mm
  • Section Width: 10.9 inches
  • Part #: 6P0058
      12" All Trail II Specifications


      • Ply Rating: 6-Ply
      • Overall Diameter: 25.4 inches
      • Weight: 19.9 lbs
      • Max Load: 1100 lbs
      • Inflated Pressure: 32 psi
      • Tread Depth: 16/32 inch or 12.7mm
      • Section Width: 8.5 inches
      • Part #: 5E0587


      • Ply Rating: 6-Ply
      • Overall Diameter: 25.5 inches
      • Weight: 23.2 lbs
      • Max Load: 1360 lbs
      • Inflated Pressure: 34 psi
      • Tread Depth: 16/32 inch or 12.7mm
      • Section Width: 11.2 inches
      • Part #: 6P0333
      All Trail II Specifications
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